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An outward-looking centre

Supplying information to the public at large, in cooperation with the “Europe Rennes 35”  Association

The object of this association is to organise debates and provide information about Europe, and to support Europe-related projects:

  • By organising so-called “Rendez-vous d’Europe”, i.e. public lectures given by specialists –academics, senior civil servants and prominent politicians – and revolving around an annual theme: “The European Constitution: in whose  interest(s)?” (2005), “Should the European Union become a world power?” (2006), “What forms should solidarity assume within the European Union, half a century after the Treaty of  Rome?” (2007)

    Find out more about the “Rendez-vous d’Europe”
  • By taking part in events, lectures, debates organised by communities, the “Maison  Internationale de Rennes” (MIR), the “Université du temps libre” (UTL) - which runs higher courses for retirees and senior citizens -, associations such as the “Maison de l’Europe” and student associations…

Former students’ involvement through the “Vocation Europe” Association

Over 500 members of this association, all former students in the European law department,

  • inform current students about Europe-related careers;
  • organise activities and meetings designed to facilitate the professional integration of new graduates.


Involvement of students reading for a master’s degree in European law

The master’s in European law student association

  • helps to organise the annual visit to the Brussels institutions
  • finds a VIP willing to sponsor their year- group
  • takes part in citizenship-promoting events