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The research team comprises six tenured holders of a Jean Monnet European chair and a number of teachers-researchers belonging to academic teams officially sanctioned by the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). IODE (Institut de l’Ouest Droit et Europe/ The Western Institute of Law and European Studies) / CEDRE (Centre de recherches Européennes de Rennes), CREM (Centre de Recherche en Economie et Management), RESO (Rennes Espaces géographiques et Sociétés), CERHIO (Centre de Recherches Historiques de l’Ouest).


Main research topics


  • Constitutional aspects of the European Union : institutions, values, governance, citizenship…
  • European policies: common agricultural policy and rural development,the environment and sustainable development, maritime policies, economic, social and territorial cohesion policy, regional and social policies, competition and consumption, new technologies, energy, transport, telecommunications, trans-European networks…
  • Monitoring and assessment of European programmes.
  • The European Union’s external initiatives: aid to development, good neighbourly relations, relations with emerging countries and the WTO (World Trade Organisation)…       




A few examples:

  • Challenges posed by the entry of Turkey into the European Union (Bruylant, 2006)
  • The legal instruments needed to develop the European territory (PUR, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2005)
  • Le droit de l’Union Européenne en principes. Liber amicorum (festschrift) in honour of Jean Raux (Apogée, 2006)
  • European fishing policy and sustainable development (Apogée, 2003)
  • The European project. History, issues at stake, long-term perspectives (PUR, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2004)
  • Knowledge-based economics. Issues raised by the European project (Economica,2004)
  • Polycentrism. A new ambition for town and country planning (L’aube, 2003).


Past Events

Workshop on "Cross-over views on regional integrations in Europe, the Americas and Africa"

held on June 11-12 2008, attended by about 20 foreign and French specialists

in partnership with the "Institut des Amériques" and The Western Institute of Law and European Studies (IODE UMR CNRS 6262)


One-day event dedicated to “The European Union, after 50 years: issues at stake and fresh perspectives”.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence organised, on Saturday 10th March 2007, a European day entitled “The European Union, after 50 years: issues at stake and fresh perspectives”. This event was especially targeted at history and geography teachers working in lycées and junior secondary schools, at  undergraduates as well as student teachers from the IUFMs (Instituts Universitaires de Formation des Maîtres, secondary teacher training university institutes) and their supervisors.

Scientific organiser : Professor  Guy Baudelle, holder of a Jean Monnet chair in geography and town and country planning.

Programme (doc. PDF 48Ko)


Symposium on “Voluntary approaches to environmental law”

The Institut de l’Ouest – Droit et Europe, the Rennes Centre for European Research, and the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence organised, on 8th and 9th March 2007, a symposium entitled: “Voluntary approaches to environmental law”. This event brought together French and other European specialists in national, Community and international environmental law.

Scientific organiser : Nathalie Hervé-Fournereau, researcher at the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). In charge of the “Environment and sustainable development” main topic of research.

Programme (doc. PDF 116Ko)